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Welcome to the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin – Sleep Medicine (AAPIOS). AAPIOS is a non profit organization and a sub chapter of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. Formed under the able leadership of our chairman of the board, Dr Narendra Kumar, past president of the national AAPI.  The organization had its inaugural meeting at the Sleep Convention at Minneapolis, MN held in June of 2011 and had many successful annual dinner meetings alongside the APSS sleep meeting since it’s inception.

To promote ongoing interactions between sleep physicians in the US and in India so as to facilitate educational, clinical, research, cultural, professional, and intellectual exchange of ideas and opportunities.

1.       To provide a platform and forum for interaction amongst sleep physicians of Indian origin in the US with their counterparts in India.

2.       To improve awareness amongst the general population in India on the importance of good sleep.

3.       To develop sub-committees to address the special needs of both groups.

4.       To publicize professional achievements of sleep physicians in both countries at all levels.

5.       To encourage development of funds from various sources to promote research, education, and training in the field of sleep medicine.

1.       To provide ongoing educational activities, seminars, and conferences in the US as well as in India.

2.       To encourage research projects jointly between the two countries in the area of sleep medicine.

3.       To develop visiting fellowships for sleep physicians in both countries to gain experience from each other.

4.       To initiate an Indo-American SIG at the annual sleep meeting.

5.       To have a yearly dinner meeting along with the annual sleep meeting.

6.       Setting up a non-profit account for charities, fund raising, setting up scholarships with corporate help.

7.       Media and press meeting in India to improve sleep awareness

8.       To have an email sent periodically to section members on activities of the organization.

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AAPIOS organizes Annual Gala Dinner event every year at different locations to bring the Sleep Medicine Physicians community together. Participate in one of our events to network and me a part of this growing community.


The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin Sleep(AAPIOS) is a group of dedicated physicians who are expert in the field of Sleep Medicine.


Attracting over 150-200 sleep physicians from all over the United States and a few other countries including India, AAPIOS provides a unique opportunity to sponsors to have a booth and also be recognized on stage.


Diplomas and Certificates of our Doctors

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